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AAC&U Releases Two New Publications on Global Diversity

Globalizing Knowledge: Connecting International and Intercultural Studies

AAC&U has just released the latest paper in its Academy in Transition series. Globalizing Knowledge: Connecting International and Intercultural Studies, by Grant H. Cornwell and Eve W. Stoddard, makes a case for integrating the historically disconnected movements to internationalize higher education, on the one hand, and to attend to issues of domestic diversity, on the other hand. The authors explain the separate origins and development of international and multicultural initiatives within U.S. colleges and universities. They build on recent scholarship and new methods of inquiry from the fields of cultural studies, postcolonial studies, anthropology and geography to suggest a new paradigm that brings together U.S. diversity and international studies into one set of curricular goals and practices. The paper lays out goals for teaching and learning that follow from such a transformed, integrative approach to the study of human cultures and societies.

Diversity Issues in Higher Education: The View from Three Nations

As part of AAC&U's ongoing Tri-National Seminar on Diversity and Democracy sponsored by the Ford Foundation, AAC&U has just released Diversity Issues in Higher Education: The View from Three Nations. This anthology includes essays presented at the first of three tri-national seminars on diversity in higher education, held in India in 1997. Written by national delegates from India, South Africa, and the United States, the articles provide an overview of the historical circumstances that have influenced the response to issues of diversity in these countries. Essays also examine cross-cutting issues of importance to each country: higher education governance in South Africa, faculty development, and affirmative action. The authors address difficult and controversial social, political, and cultural challenges to transforming their higher education systems and their societies. A second volume, published in 1998 and including essays presented at the second tri-national seminar in South Africa, Diversity and Unity: The Role of Higher Education in Building Democracy, is also available. The third and final seminar is taking place in Tarrytown, New York in October, 1999 and is focusing on affirmative action, curriculum transformation, and creating climates of engagement. Watch future issues of Diversity Digest for updates on the outcomes of this project.

These publications can be ordered from the Association of American Colleges and Universities, Publications Desk,
1818 R Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009
tel: 202/387-3760
e-mail: pub_desk@aacu.nw.dc.us.

For more information, see the AAC&U web site: www.aacu-edu.org

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Join the Latest Discussion Forum on DiversityWeb

Campus Diversity and Student Self-Segregation

Join administrators, faculty, and students nationwide to discuss the issue of student self-segregation on college campuses. Media commentaries are filled with assertions about how students on diverse college campuses are clustering in racial/ethnic groups and, as a result, are not benefiting from the increasing diversity of higher education.

New research, however, suggests that campus diversity is leading to significant educational and social benefits for all college students and student segregation by race or ethnicity is not, in fact, as dominant a feature of campus life as has been reported.

Questions to be explored include:

  • Is self-segregation a problem we should try to fix, or a coping strategy we should support?
  • What is the extent of student segregation by race/ethnicity?
  • What difference does racial/ethnic clustering make when it does occur?
  • What are your own experiences of intergroup relations on campus today?
  • How should colleges and universities be responding to these issues?

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