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PBS Launches New Racial Legacies and Learning Website

Talking about race is never easy, but it is necessary. Recent polls tell us that Americans are looking to higher education to guide them in how to talk about race and how to get along in a more diverse world.

The PBS Adult Learning Service, in association with the Association of American Colleges and Universities, has launched a new Web site in an effort to continue the work initiated by the President's Initiative on Race, the Ford Foundation's Campus Diversity Initiative, and AAC&U's "Racial Legacies & Learning: An American Dialogue" project. This site and the video resources that complement these other efforts are designed to foster campus-community dialogue in order to strengthen race relations in the United States.

The site provides tools to help colleges and universities facilitate productive dialogues. It offers information and resources to train faculty, initiate discussions, build stronger relationships, and foster understanding. It includes:

  • Case studies from campuses already engaged in these activities;
  • Ways one can "continue the dialogue" on your campus and in your community;
  • Book reviews, articles, and national poll results; and
  • Opportunities to meet and talk with others engaged in similar efforts.

A special "Spotlight" section introduces visitors to experts, authors, and everyday people who are making a difference. The "Media Library" offers the opportunity to read and write book reviews, learn about video and other resources, and explore an extensive Webliography of related diversity, social action, and race relations Web sites. Users can also gain access to the case studies and panelists featured during the Racial Legacies and Learning National Town Hall meeting held January 27, 1999.

As an added feature, a series of monthly articles will be published in Community College Week and on this PBS site. The articles will be written by a variety of experts on diversity and race issues as they relate specifically to community college staff, faculty, and students. After the articles appear in print and online, visitors to the site will be invited to submit questions or join threaded discussions.

PBS's Adult Learning Service is committed to extending the reach and access of this project by providing multiple media learning experiences through the site including video programs, online resources, and other tools that will deepen exchange among institutions of higher education and community partners. ALS provides programming and services that support adult education and distance learning, including the PBS Adult Learning Satellite Service, the nation's largest satellite service for higher education.


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