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AAC&U To Sponsor Third Bi-Annual Conference

Diversity & Learning:
Identity, Community, and Intellectual Development

Westin William Penn Hotel
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
October 26–29, 2000

Diversity & Learning: Identity, Community, and Intellectual Development builds on a decade of focused work by AAC&U to help campuses educate students for a diverse and still unequal society. The conference is designed both for working teams of faculty and administrators and for individuals interested in improving classroom teaching, changing their curriculum, fostering systemic change in their institutions, and investing more in local and global communities. It will draw upon a wealth of campus initiatives developed through AAC&U's American Commitments Initiative, its global diversity work, and the Ford Foundation's Campus Diversity Initiative.

The conference will feature:

  • new research about the impact of diversity on student learning and identity development, as well as new findings about the cognitive and democracy outcomes of diversity initiatives;
  • special sessions examining the interface among the civic engagement, service learning, and diversity movements;
  • workshops on fostering intergroup relations and pedagogical, curricular, and institutional change;
  • programs and resources exploring new curriculum models in general education and majors;
  • interconnections between domestic diversity and global diversity;
  • sessions on how to assess diversity courses and projects; and
  • technologies to enhance diversity work.

Call for Session Proposals

If you are doing work related to one of these areas, AAC&U is currently accepting proposals for concurrent sessions. These sessions will be designed to provide practical examples of effective projects, programs, research findings, and models. Presenters will be asked to share the practical implications of research findings or particular strategies for success in their work as well as tips for overcoming challenges. For information about proposal guidelines and to download presentation proposal forms, see AAC&U's Website (www.aacu-edu.org/Meetings/divlearn00.html)

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