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Diversity Research Publications from AAC&U

Achieving Faculty DiversityDiversity Works: The Emerging Picture of How Students Benefit
by Daryl G. Smith, et. al.

This report contains analysis of emerging research on the effects of campus diversity on students. Lead author Daryl Smith and her research team have located and analyzed the findings from more than 300 separate studies. The publication includes an annotated bibliography and overview essays on access and success of underrepresented students, campus climate and intergroup relations, curriculum and teaching, and institutional transformation.

Achieving Faculty DiversityTo Form a More Perfect Union: Campus Diversity Initiatives
by Caryn McTighe Musil, Mildred García, Cynthia A. Hudgins, Michael T. Nettles, William E. Sedlacek, and Daryl G. Smith

The first in a series of publications emerging from AAC&U's project "Understanding the Difference Diversity Makes: Assessing Campus Diversity Initiatives," and based on evaluations of campus diversity initiatives supported by a variety of funders, this volume charts the efforts of colleges and universities to move from the rhetoric of inclusion to the practice of equity. The monograph argues that the current rationale for diversity incorporates a previous democratic commitment to equal opportunity as well as a new understanding of how integral diversity is to educational excellence. The monograph maps the emerging trends in diversity work and insights gained in the process.

Achieving Faculty DiversityAchieving Faculty Diversity: Debunking the Myths
by Daryl G. Smith with Lisa E. Wolf and Bonnie E. Busenberg

The career experiences of 393 white men and women and minority scholars from three prestigious fellowship programs offer a broad overview of the current job market for new faculty. Representing disciplines ranging from the humanities and the sciences to ethnic and gender studies, the study debunks six popular myths related to minority hiring in academe as it examines how and where the candidates found jobs, retention and mobility issues, the experiences of white men, and projections about the academic job market.

Diversity in Higher Education: A Work in Progress
by Caryn McTighe Musil with Mildred García, Yolanda T. Moses, and Daryl G. Smith

A four-person team selected by the Ford Foundation evaluates the work of the first 19 institutions awarded Ford Foundation campus diversity initiative grants. The report features information from campus visits, conferences, team meetings, and insiders. It offers project descriptions, analysis of the faculty and curriculum development process, tips on research and resource development, and profiles of student-oriented projects.

Achieving Faculty DiversityA Diversity Research Agenda
by Daryl G. Smith, Mildred García, Cynthia A. Hudgins, Caryn McTighe Musil, Michael T. Nettles, and William E. Sedlacek

The second in a series of publications emerging from AAC&U's project "Understanding the Difference Diversity Makes: Assessing Campus Diversity Initiatives," this monograph outlines the areas of research that are still needed and that will be critically important in helping to shape the work of improving campus diversity initiatives in the future. This publication lays out a framework and fundamental principles for diversity research. It sketches a research agenda in the areas of: access and success of underrepresented groups, campus climate and intergroup relations, education and scholarship, and institutional change.

Assessing Campus Diversity Initiatives (forthcoming, Fall, 2000)
by Michael T. Nettles, William E. Sedlacek, Mildred García, Cynthia A. Hudgins, Caryn McTighe Musil, and Daryl G. Smith

The third in a series of publications emerging from AAC&U's project "Understanding the Difference Diversity Makes: Assessing Campus Diversity Initiatives," this publication will offer practical guidance for those involved in assessing diversity projects. To order any of these AAC&U publications, visit www.aacu-edu.org or write to: AAC&U Publications Department, 1818 R Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20009; pub_desk@aacu.nw.dc.us; 202/387-3760; fax 202/265-9532.

Electronic Resources

DiversityWeb includes many on-line resources about research on campus diversity

Go to the Recommended Resources on "Research, Evaluation and Impact," or see the individual research sections in each of the campus diversity priority areas: faculty and staff involvement, curriculum transformation, student involvement and development, campus-community connections.

Resources in these sections include research gathered and summarized by: the ERIC Clearinghouse on Higher Education, the Harvard University Civil Rights Project, and the Affirmative Action and Diversity Project.

Also included are AAC&U research briefs and abstracts on such topics as:

  • the effectiveness of diversity requirements in the curriculum;
  • progress on diversifying faculty;
  • campus diversity and student self-segregation;
  • diversity in legal education, civic and learning outcomes of diversity education;
  • diversity's impact on teaching and learning practices.

Also find on DiversityWeb samples of: surveys on student, faculty and staff diversity and its impact on social and academic interactions on the campuses of the University of Michigan, University of Massachusetts, Boston, Georgia Institute of Technology, and the University of Maryland, as well as reports on the status of women, underrepresented minority faculty, Asian, African-American, Latino, Gay, Bisexual, and Lesbian students, and students with disabilities on campus.

Finally, find links to findings and conclusions from reports, surveys and polls conducted nationally and in several states around the country.

See www.diversityweb.org

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