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AAC&U Launches New Greater Expectations Initiative

With 70 percent of high school students enrolling in post-secondary education within two years of graduation, we are seeing dramatic changes in the profile of college student enrollment. These changes create both opportunities and challenges: educational opportunities for an unprecedented number of Americans, and challenges in leading unevenly prepared students toward greater achievement.

Capacities traditionally developed through a liberal arts education will increasingly be required of most Americans in the 21st century. Recognizing this need, AAC&U is calling for "greater expectations" for higher education and students at all levels. Leading a coordinated, nationwide effort to address these pressing needs, AAC&U's Greater Expectations Initiative will systematically define outcomes, discover strategies, and deploy resources to improve American higher education for the growing numbers of students who are pursuing it. Greater Expectations will build upon AAC&U's long-standing commitment to diversity and meaningful inclusion.

Projects in the initiative include: 1) a National Panel of leaders in education, government, business, and community action; 2) a Consortium of 20 competitively selected leadership campuses; 3) working groups of college and high school level educators to research and share practices that lead to successful student performance in a variety of areas across high school and college years; 4) collaboration with regional and specialized accreditors to enhance the importance of liberal arts outcomes in new accreditation standards and practices, and 5) a Summer Institute on Sustainable Innovations in the Liberal Arts.

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