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DiversityWeb: Creating On-Line Community Connections

Through DiversityWeb, the WWW resource hub on diversity in higher education, you can share resources and participate in on-line discussions with colleagues from around the country.

DiversityWeb will soon offer work rooms organized around the following areas:

  • Institutional Vision, Leadership, and Systemic Change
  • Recruitment, Retention, and Affirmative Action
  • Curriculum Transformation
  • Faculty and Staff Involvement
  • Student Experience and Development
  • Campus-Community Connections
  • Diversity Research, Evaluation, and Impact
  • Political, Legislative, and Judicial Issues

Like "chat rooms," the work rooms will provide spaces for diversity practitioners to come together around these priorities, to hold discussions and share resources. Participants will be able to post information and engage in discussions and "threaded conversations" with colleagues. Moderators will send out monthly announcements of dates and times live-chat discussions will be held around specific issues or when "guest" participants will join in the discussion.

If you or someone you know is interested in receiving more information about joining, please send names, e-mail addresses, titles, and mailing addresses to: d-web@aacu.nw.dc.us.

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