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Curricular Recommendations from American Commitments

A panel of scholars convened by AAC&U's American Commitments project has recommended that students engage diversity in the curriculum through multiple forms of learning, and in a variety of educational contexts, across the college experience.

The National Panel stresses that education for U.S. democratic pluralism is not the same task as education for global knowledge. These American Commitments recommendations focus on education for U.S. cultural and democratic pluralism.

Student learning should explore:
  1. Experience, Identity, and Aspiration: The study of one's own particular inherited and constructed traditions, identity communities, and significant questions, in their complexity.

  2. United States Pluralism and the Pursuits of Justice: An extended and comparative exploration of diverse peoples in this society, with significant attention to their differing experiences of U.S. democracy and the pursuits--sometimes successful, sometimes frustrated--of equal opportunity.

  3. Experiences in Justice Seeking: Encounters with systemic constraints on the development of human potential in the United States and experiences in community-based efforts to articulate principles of justice, expand opportunity, and redress inequities.

  4. Multiplicity and Relational Pluralism in Majors, Concentrations, and Programs: Extensive participation in forms of learning that foster sustained exploration of and deliberation about contested issues important in particular communities of inquiry and practice.

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