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Diversifying the Faculty: A Guidebook for Search Committees
By Caroline Sotello Viernes Turner

This new guidebook is designed to provide search committees with the necessary tools to conduct successful searches for faculty of color. AAC&U is persuaded that the majority of colleges and universities want to diversify their faculties racially and ethnically, but don't always know how. The recommendations in this monograph offer concrete, immediate steps that institutions can take to increase the racial and ethnic diversity within their faculty. Designed as a compendium of additional resources for a search committee, the appendix includes an expansive annotated bibliography for supplemental study of various aspects of a search, web site resources to help expand the pool of potential candidates, and tables indicating undergraduate and graduate schools with exemplary histories of producing U.S. graduates of color with doctorates. Author Caroline Sotello Viernes Turner is a leading scholar in the area of faculty diversity. Dr. Turner has published and presented extensively on recruiting and retaining faculty of color. (2002/56pp) $12/$15/FACDIV

Assessing Campus Diversity Initiatives: A Guide for Campus Practitioners
Mildred García, Cynthia Hudgins, Caryn McTighe Musil, Michael T. Nettles, William E. Sedlacek, and Daryl Smith

Provides tips and tools for designing and developing effective diversity evaluations. Topics addressed include the need for assessment, designing an evaluation plan, institutional context, audience, data collection and analysis, performance indicators, and theoretical models. An appendix also includes sample assessment and evaluation tools from campuses across the country. (2002/184pp) $15/$18/GUIDE

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