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Achieving Against the Odds: How Academics Become Teachers of Diverse Students

Although higher education has made tremendous strides diversifying its student body, the challenge to effectively teach a highly diverse citizenry has become a contemporary purpose of higher education. The authors raise issues such as race relations in the classroom; teaching and learning vs. political legitimacy; tenure evaluation; teaching the American Dream to students with different world views; and sexual orientation in academia among others. This book serves as a guide to teachers who want to modify their pedagogy for today's world. Edited by Esther Kingston-Mann and Tim Sieber, (2001), Temple University Press, University Services, 1601 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122-6099.

A National Report Card on Discrimination in America: The Role of Testing

This book responds to the goals of a 1998 conference that wanted to explore the feasibility and merits of creating a national report card on discrimination, the role of social science and paired testing in fostering its formation, and the identification of research needed to implement the report card. The book also examines discrimination in housing, employment, minority businesses, everyday life, and the status of policy enforcement and research testing. Edited by Michael Fix and Margery Austin Turner, The Urban Institute, Washington, DC, 1999.

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