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Diversity Digest
Volume 10,
Number 1

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Campus-Community Involvement
Student Leadership: Making a Difference in the World
Access to Education, Opportunity to Serve
Berea College: Learning, Labor, and Service
A Developmental and Capacity-Building Model for Community Partnerships
The Power of a Sustained Relationship between Community Partners and Colleges and Universities
Faculty Involvement
Prequel to Civic Engagement: An African American Studies Research Seminar
Service Learning and Policy Change
Facilitating Student Growth as Citizens: A Developmental Model for Community-Engaged Learning
Student Experience
An Intentional and Comprehensive Student Development Model
Bonner: More Than a Model, a Lived Experience
Relationships First
Commitment to a Cause
Institutional Leadership
Preparing to Serve
Checklist from the President’s Chair
Curricular Transformation
LifeWorks and the Commons: A Model for General Education
The Case for Studying Poverty
Engaging with Difference Matters: Longitudinal Outcomes of the Cocurricular Bonner Scholars Program
Resources for Civic Engagement
Serving, Voting, and Speaking Out: Bonner Students Reflect on Civic Engagement

Serving, Voting, and Speaking Out: Bonner Students Reflect on Civic Engagement

To illustrate the power of student voice, the Bonner Foundation will publish Serving, Voting, and Speaking Out: Bonner Students Reflect on Civic Engagement later this year. Comprised of forty student essays from Bonner programs, the publication documents the engaged community work and pivotal insights students have gained as they become civically engaged through

Students write about the politics of voting, oppression, inequality, and injustice and the effect of discrimination and stereotypes. They also reflect on homelessness and poverty, the value of an international perspective and bridging differences, and the importance of knowing oneself and one’s own community. Finally, they explore how to be accountable to the younger generation and how to link theory with practice in and outside the classroom.

Poems, photos, and quotes by Bonner students and staff are woven through the essays. There are also bibliographic and film resources, training modules, and thematic questions to inspire dialogue and inquiry. The publication describes the leadership students offer when given the tools and opportunities to make a difference in the world.

If you are interested in obtaining copies of Serving, Voting, and Speaking Out, visit www.bonner.org or contact the foundation directly. The publication is compiled and edited by Ingrid Dahl, Ariane Hoy, and Wayne Meisel.

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