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Diversity Digest Volume 7, Number 4

Diversity Digest
Volume 7,
Number 4

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Institutional Leadership and Commitment
Learning Through Evaluation: The James Irvine Foundation Campus Diversity Initiative (CDI) Project
James Irvine Foundation’s Campus Diversity Initiative
Diversity Climate Surveys:
Worth the Effort
Unleashing the Power of Metaphor: Pepperdine University
Implications of Prop 54
Faculty Involvement
Enhancing Diversity: University of Southern California
More than Bittersweet Success: University of the Pacific
Curricular Transformation
Institutionalizing Diversity: Occidental College
Educating for a Just Society: University of San Francisco
Making Diversity News
Media Watch
Teaching Students Media Skills
AAC&U Evaluation Resources
Irvine CDI Evaluation Resources
DATA: Capturing Hopes

Irvine Foundation CDI Evaluation Resources OnLine


Campus Diversity Initiative Evaluation Project Resource Kit
The Resource Kit is intended to be a resource guide to aid campuses in designing evaluation plans to measure the outcomes of campus diversity initiatives. Part 1 primarily covers tools that engage a broad range of issues in relationship to campus diversity. Part 2 includes tools that are mainly organized around specific, targeted diversity issues; and Part 3 covers a wide range of readings, Web sites, and reports related to diversity and evaluation.

Campus Guidelines for Creating an Evaluation Plan
This resource was designed to assist the Irvine CDI institutions in developing their evaluation plans. These guidelines suggest a possible evaluation framework that is intended to facilitate deeper understanding of an institution’s context and a more feasible evaluation plan.

CDI Data Submission Workbook
This Data Submission Workbook is designed to streamline the collection of data that campuses are expected to submit to the Foundation. Other institutions might find the Workbook useful because it suggests ways to collect and format data that focuses campus officials’
attention on the progress made toward diversity goals over time.

Institutional Indicators
Institutional Indicators is based on Daryl Smith’s four-dimensional model of institutionalizing diversity initiatives. The four dimensions include: access/success, climate, education/scholarship, and institutional viability and vitality.

Curriculum Template
The curriculum template was design to help Irvine CDI Campuses think through ways to develop an evaluation plan that assesses the impact of diversity in the curriculum. Four guiding themes are central to the template. They are: Faculty Engagement, Curriculum Availability (Diversity), Learning, and Course Experiences.

Creating a Culture of Inquiry
Using the results of a project involving non-profits, Georgian Hernández and Mary G. Visher describe ways to measure, assess, and enhance organizational performance.
American Sociological Association’s The Importance of Collecting Data and Doing Social Science

Research on Race
This publication highlights significant research findings on the role and consequences of race relations in social institutions such as schools, labor markets, neighborhoods, and health care scholarship that would not have been possible without data on racial categories.

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