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Diversity Digest is a periodical published by the Association of American Colleges and Universities to provide campus practitioners with readily available information about successful diversity initiatives around the country. Diversity Digest features the following topics:

  • Campus/Community Partnerships
  • Curricular Transformation
  • Faculty Development
  • Institutional Leadership and Commitment
  • Research
  • Student Experience

Diversity Digest is specifically designed to:

  1. Illuminate the scope, accomplishments, and educational value of the campus diversity movement; and
  2. Help practitioners learn to effectively articulate and communicate the education value and success of their local diversity initiatives.

Diversity Digest is available both in this online version and in a print version that is distributed to faculty and administrators at more than 3,000 colleges and universities nationwide. First published in 1996, Diversity Digest began as part of the Diversity Works initiative, which was supported by the Ford Foundation and in partnership with the University of Maryland. To learn more about the collaboration between AAC&U and the University of Maryland, visit www.diversityweb.org/who_we_are/diversity_web_history.cfm.

Questions, comments, and/or suggestions for articles or resources should be directed to Kathryn Campbell, editor of Diversity Digest, campbell@aacu.org.

Diversity Digest Staff
Kevin Hovland, Executive Editor
Amy Addams, Editor
Michael Ferguson, Associate Editor
Ann Kammerer, Production Editor
Sook-Yi Yong, Editor, DiversityWeb

AAC&U Editorial Advisors
Carol Geary Schneider, President
Caryn McTighe Musil, SeniorVice-President
Debra Humphreys,
Vice President for Communications
and Public Affairs

Diversity Digest Advisory Board
José Calderón
Christine Clark
Gwendolyn Jordan Dungy
Sylvia Hurtado
Lee Knefelkamp
Jack Meacham
Jeff Milem
Lester Monts
Jonell Sanchez
Daryl Smith

Note: The opinions expressed by individual authors in Diversity Digest are their own and not necessarily those of Digest’s editors or AAC&U.

Questions, comments, and suggested resources should be directed to campbell@aacu.org.
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