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DiversityWeb includes many online resources on Student Experience:

Critical Moments: An Approach for Easing the Cultural Isolation of Underrepresented College Students through Multicultural Case Study Discussions
University of Nebraska–Omaha
This document describes a cultural diversity case study project designed to ease the isolation of diverse students involved in a scholarship program at the University of Nebraska.

"Helping Students Deal with Anti-Gay Experiences Inside and Outside the Classroom"
Rutgers University
This handbook, created by Cheryl Clarke, director of Diverse Community Affairs and Lesbian-Gay Concerns gives clear advice to help students and university employees support members of the community who have experienced anti-gay or lesbian bias or abuse.

Program on Intergroup Relations, Conflict, and Community
University of Michigan
This site describes and includes resources from an innovative effort to educate students and members of the University of Michigan community about intergroup relations and various forms of conflict among social groups. It links formal course work to the living and social experiences of students outside the classroom.

The -ISM(N.) Project
This site describes a multicampus video project that works with students from across the country to create videos about diversity issues.

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