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Student Experience

Mimi Neptune and Bonnie Gavel, students at Pitzer College in Claremont, CA, line up a shot for a group video.
(Institute for Public Media Arts, Rick Looms)

Student Experience
-ISM(N.) Uses Video to Provide Students with New Ways to Learn About Diversity and IdentityFrom Dialogue to Action: A Student’s Perspective on the National Campus Dialogue on RaceMinority Student Leadership: Taking the Initiative and Learning Across DifferencesWhy Don’t Gays Keep Quiet? What Our Students Can Teach Us

Institutional Leadership and Commitment
“Live by the Score, Die by the Score:” Academic Freedom and Responsibility in Admissions Decisions

Making Diversity News
Gaining Confidence with the MediaDiversity Media Watch An Opportunity to Showcase Campus Diversity Activities

Faculty Involvement
Student Resistance in the Classroom

Student Attitudes Toward Gay and Lesbian Issues

Campus-Community Connections
Campus-Community Study-Dialogues on Race Planned for Fall

Diversity Resources
Web Resources From Racial Legacies and Learning