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AAC&U and ACE to Collaborate on Educating All of One Nation

AAC&U is once again collaborating with the American Council on Education in sponsoring Educating All of One Nation (formerly Educating One-Third of a Nation), October 28–30, 1999 in Albuquerque. The conference will focus both on the continued need to increase educational opportunities for students of color and on the newly emerging evidence that campus and curricular diversity offers powerful educational benefits to all students. Plenary sessions include:

  • Social Responsibility and Civic Engagement
  • Diversity Works: Yes We Can Prove It
  • Diversity Pays: Businesses and Higher Education
  • Nations Respond to Issues of Access and Equity

Visit ACE's website for registration and the latest conference information.

Diversity, Democracy, and Social Responsibility: A Global Symposium

As part of preconference activities, AAC&U will be offering a day-long Global Symposium. Join colleagues from around the country and the world to explore questions about providing a global perspective on diversity, democracy, and social responsibility for a future generation of students.

What does it mean to be a responsible global citizen? What do average citizens need to do to build democratic nations and healthy intercultural communities? What do we as educational leaders need to know about these issues--about diversity, the globalization of economies and markets, movements for social justice, the emergence of democratic models of governance--in order to provide students with this global perspective and to inspire them to see their social responsibilities in a global context?

Harold Hodgkinson, from the Institute for Educational Leadership, will open the symposium with an overview of shifting demographics both in the U.S. and around the world and discuss implications of shifting demographics for the future of democratic systems and global citizenship. Representatives from India, South Africa, and the United States will conclude the symposium by reflecting on the variety of ways that their nations are responding to diversity within their borders.

Concurrent Sessions will focus on topics such as:

  • From Western Civilization to World Cultures: Where Are We Now?
  • Teaching About Health from a Global Perspective
  • Bringing a Global Perspective to Courses on Gender and Sexuality
  • Citizenship and Nationalism: What is Civic Education Now?
  • Teaching Race in a Comparative Perspective
  • Intergroup Relations and International Students

Visit AAC&U's website for a fuller description of the symposium and its schedule.

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Electronic Resources

DiversityWeb Gets a New Look

Check out DiversityWeb's new design scheduled to debut in June 1999. The new design should make it easier to navigate a growing body of diversity resources. Sign up for E-mail alerts to hear about new on-line resources and upcoming opportunities to participate in on-line events.

New Resources on School-University Partnerships

The Community Mentor Program(CMP) promotes student retention, academic achievement, career exploration, and community service for both St. Edward's University students and for local elementary students.

Early Scholars Outreach Program (ESOP)at the University of Washington (UW) works with nine Washington State middle schools to increase the number of students who are enrolled and participate competitively in college preparatory curriculum by the time they reach the 9th grade. UW students serve as mentors and tutors to area middle school students.

"Reconstructing the Past; Reaching for the Future" is a Latino oral history project stemming from a collaboration between community members, University faculty and staff, and high school teachers. Through this project, Latino high school students from the Susquehanna Valley have created and share oral histories of friends and family who are members of the growing Latino population in Central Pennsylvania.

To find these and other resources, visit
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