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Resources on Faculty Diversity and Development

Achieving Faculty Diversity: Debunking the Myths,
by Daryl G. Smith
This research study punctures some popularly held beliefs about methods for diversifying faculty and offers a complex picture of higher education's progress in this area. Including hard data and poignant voices of employed and unemployed doctoral recipients, this book provides important information for institutional planning, makes concrete suggestions for insuring a more diverse faculty, and shows how graduate institutions can be more proactive in helping doctoral students find suitable employment. (AAC&U, 1996)

Achieving Diversity in the Professoriate: Challenges and Opportunities,
by Marjorie Fine Knowles and Bernard W. Harleston
This report identifies problems and barriers to diversifying strategies and offers strategies campuses can use to overcome them. It was based on a project conducted by the American Council on Education with support from the Ford Foundation that involved eleven major research universities. (ACE, 1997, 301/604-9073)

The Sixteenth Annual Status Report on Minorities in Higher Education,
by Deborah J. Wilds and Reginald Wilson
Published by the American Council on Education, this report presents the latest available data on the progress of Latino/a's, African Americans, Asian Americans, and American Indians in postsecondary education. The study summarizes high school completion and college participation rates, college enrollments by race/ethnicity, educational attainment, and includes data on the current numbers and rates of increase of faculty of color in U.S. institutions. (ACE, 1998, 301/604-9073)

Shattering the Silences: Minority Professors Break into the Ivory Tower,
directed by Stanley Nelson and Gail Pellett
This video offers an opportunity to see America's campuses through the eyes of minority faculty. It examines the career paths and current work situations for several faculty of color at a variety of institutions. It looks at their struggles, but also presents the many ways their presence on campus has transformed institutions where they teach. A discussion facilitation guide is included with purchase. (California Newsreel, 415/621-6196)

Electronic Resources

All of these resources can be found on DiversityWeb by clicking on "Leader's Guide" and looking in the section on "Faculty and Staff Involvement."

Building a Stairway to Parity
This document describes a partnership between three regional higher education boards and area universities that aims to diversify the faculty in colleges and universities in these regions through a comprehensive package of academic and monetary support designed to help graduate students of color aspire to and achieve careers as teaching faculty.

The Ph.D. Project
Formed by an alliance of corporations, higher education institutions, and professional associations, this project seeks to increase workplace diversity by diversifying business school faculties.

Curriculum Transformation through Faculty Development
This report summarizes the institutional strategy used by Bloomfield College to promote a sustained faculty development effort that assists faculty in diversifying the curriculum and is tied to student affairs diversity activities and staff members.

Curriculum Transformation Project
This site describes a continuing series of summer institutes at the University of Maryland designed to introduce faculty to new scholarship on gender and diversity. The report discusses the design of the project and includes the syllabus from a recent Summer Institute.

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